Merch Gaming Minecraft


May 2, 2013
Decided to start up a Minecraft server as a project just because. No this is not an official release but a little project for a bit of fun.

Only open to the community to anyone that is interested.

I've got the server for a month but if anyone plays and wants it to stay longer I'll renew it.

Few notable features -
Quests, daily rewards, custom enchants, custom mobs. Talk to the helper in-game to view info. Uses Towny for claims.

IP: (version 1.13.2, I've tried to make it 1.8-1.13 compatible but if all fails just use the native version)

Ranks are nothing special but if you donated in the past I'll give you a rank. View rank perks by typing /ranks.

Also you can claim a care package by typing the following command in-game - /redeem CAREPACKAGE