Intel Core i9-9900K overclocked to 7.6GHz on all cores


May 2, 2013
Although Intel’s controversial commissioned benchmarks have since been rectified, many are still on the fence about the new flagship Core i9-9900K due to a staggering price tag and noticeable heat when overclocked. This hasn’t stopped the chip taking numerous records though, including an incredible 7.6GHz overclock on all 8 cores.

At the beginning of the month, Intel’s overclocking demonstration during its Fall Desktop Launch of its 9th generation saw the i9-9900K take 16 benchmark records, including a single world record. This included Allen “Splave” Golibersuch and Joe “Steponz” Stepongzi nearly doubling the base 3.6GHz, achieving an impressive 7.1GHz frequency.
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